Dowsett, Dick,

God that's not fair / by Dick Dowsett. - 156 pages ; 18 cm.

How do you square God's love with everlasting punishment?--Front cover. First published in 1982.

Approaching the problem -- The start of it all -- Isn't sincerity enough? -- Can people who've never heard be saved? -- A fair standard of judgement -- What people really need -- The horror of vengeance -- Other Faiths work -- But missionaries aren't welcome -- It's an unfair world -- She died - and I loved her -- Facing Hell's challenge.

Judgement and hell are not attractive subjects to discuss. How do you square the concepts of God's love and everlasting punishment, both of which are clearly set out in the Bible? Dick Dowsett assumes the role of a preacher whose sermon on the judgement of God has offended a young hearer. The ensuing correspondence between the two gently, and thoroughly, engages with the latter's objections and questions, ranging from the problem of those who die without hearing about Christ to whether there is more than one way to God. The result sheds light on a vexed problem - and issues an urgent call to the task of evangelism.--Back cover.

0903843692 (paperback)

Hell --Biblical teaching.
Judgment of God --Biblical teaching.
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