Ankerberg, John, 1945-

The facts on creation vs. evolution / by John Ankerberg & John Weldon. - 48 pages ; 21 cm. - Anker series. . - The Anker series. .

Do any scientists believe in creation? What is the evidence for evolution? Is evolution compatible with the Bible?--Front cover.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 45-48).

Recent scientific discoveries and heated textbook debate have brought the creation/evolution controversy back into the spotlight. Take a new look at this compelling issue's most important questions: Is the theory of evolution properly scientific? Is creation religious only? How influential has the theory of evolution been in the modern world? Does the evidence lie in favour of special creation - or against it? What are the moral and social implications of evolution? Join respected researchers Ankerberg and Weldon as they address the one topic which influences all others - the origins of the universe.--Back cover.

1565071522 (paperback)

Evolution--Religious aspects--Christianity.

Creation vs Evolution.
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