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Mackay, John,

Tites, 'mites and fossil fights! (INVESTIG8 Seriesbook1) / by the Creation Guy John Mackay in association with up-and-coming young geologist, Joseph Hubbard. - 38 pages : colour illustrations, portraits ; 21 x 30 cm - INVESTIG8 ; 1 . - Mackay, John. INVESTIG8 ; 1 .

It's a young world after all!--Cover.

How to use this book -- Index -- Introduction -- Cave man -- Dry titles -- Wet titles -- Quarry titles -- Road titles -- Mine titles downunder -- Mine tites upover -- Bridge tites -- Stop and think -- Experimen-tites -- Cement-ites -- What-ites? -- Bridge mites -- Cave mite fossils -- Bridge fossils too -- Vege-mite fossils -- Mite'y leaves -- Watchem form-ites -- Watchem form-ites too -- Petrifying fun -- Mite'y fossils -- Trapt-ites -- Trapped tights -- Smelly problem -- Shelly problem -- Fishy fossils -- Squishy fishy fossils -- Rock detective game 1 -- Rock detective game 2 -- Rock detective game 3 -- Rock detective game 4 -- Conclusion -- Useful references -- Helpful materials.

WHY? Because one of the biggest attacks on Christianity and the Bible is the continued undermining of the six days of creation and all Biblical history, so people won’t trust Jesus Christ and His Word. But the evidence shows we are being lied to. This book is a needy weapon in this battle. HOW? The global snapshot style uses a common theme to thread challenges together, so you don’t just learn what to think, but how to think. It’s as if John was in the room chatting with you, as he focuses your mind on the challenges of real research. It’s conversational – to the point – challenging – and sometimes provocative! John is joined by young UK geologist creation researcher, Joseph Hubbard. WHERE? Chief author John Mackay, starts in Australia and takes us round the planet using spectacular photos he and his colleagues have taken worldwide. You will love the locations and the undeniable evidence. WHAT? In full colour, fabulous photos, exciting experiments and challenging discussions. 40 years of research on 40 pages in quality gloss card cover A4 size.--Publisher.

9780648253181 (paperback)

Creationism--Juvenile literature.
Stalactites and stalagmites--Religious aspects--Christianity.
Fossils--Religious aspects--Christianity.
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