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Essential truths of the Christian faith /

Sproul, R. C. 1939-2017,

Essential truths of the Christian faith / R. C. Sproul. - xxv, 302 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 299-307) and index.

Preface -- Introduction 1. REVELATION -- Divine revelation -- Paradox, mystery, and contradiction -- Immediate and mediate general revelation -- Special revelation and the Bible -- The law of God -- The prophets of God -- The Canon of Scripture -- Interpreting the Bible -- Private interpretation 2. THE NATURE AND ATTRIBUTES OF GOD -- The incomprehensibility of God -- The triunity of God -- The self-existence of God -- The omnipotence of God -- The omnipresence of God -- The omniscience of God -- The holiness of God -- The goodness of God -- The justice of God 3. THE WORKS AND DECREES OF GOD -- Creation -- Providence -- Miracles -- The will of God -- Covenant -- Covenant of works 4. JESUS CHRIST -- The deity of Christ -- The subordination of Christ -- The humanity of Christ -- The sinlessness of Christ -- The virgin birth -- Jesus Christ as the only begotten -- The baptism of Christ -- The glory of Christ -- The ascension of Christ -- Jesus Christ as mediator -- The threefold office of Christ -- The titles of Jesus 5. THE HOLY SPIRIT -- The deity of the Holy Spirit -- The personality of the Holy Spirit -- The internal testimony of the Holy Spirit -- The illumination of the Holy Spirit -- The baptism of the Holy Spirit -- The Holy Spirit as comforter -- The Holy Spirit as sanctifier 6. HUMAN BEINGS AND THE FALL -- Knowledge of self and knowledge of God -- Human beings created in the image of God -- Human beings as body and soul -- Human beings as flesh and spirit -- Satan -- Demons -- Sin -- Original sin -- Human depravity -- Human conscience -- The unforgivable sin -- Syncretism 7. SALVATION -- Salvation -- Predestination -- Predestination and reprobation -- Effectual calling -- Rebirth -- Atonement -- Definite atonement -- Free will -- Faith -- Saving faith -- Justification by faith -- Faith and works -- Repentence -- Merit and grace -- Perseverance of the saints -- The assurance of salvation -- The intermediate state -- The last resurrection -- Glorification 8. THE CHURCH AND SACRAMENTS -- The apostles -- The church -- The marks of a true church -- Excommunication -- The sacraments -- Baptistm -- Infant baptism -- The Lord's supper -- Transubstantiation -- The sabbath -- Oaths and vows 9. SPIRITUALITY AND LIVING IN THIS AGE -- The fruit of the Spirit -- Love -- Hope -- Prayer -- Antinomianism -- Legalism -- The threefold use of the law -- Perfectionism -- Civil government -- Marriage -- Divorce 10. END TIMES -- The antichrist -- The return of Christ -- The kingdom of God -- Heaven -- The beatific vision -- Hell Notes -- Suggested reading -- Scripture index.

100 key doctrines in plain language.--Cover. If you yearn for a deeper knowledge of the Christian faith, your journey can begin right here. Dr. R.C. Sproul, one of today's most respected theologians, takes Christian doctrine down from the dusty shelves of theological libraries and gives a clear overview of more than 100 biblical concepts that every Christian should know, written in an easy-to-understand way. Essential Truths of the Christian Faith is a great place to begin learning about Christian doctrine and to kindle a lifelong love for truth. It is also a great resource for seasoned students of theology who wanted a frefresher. Sproul's bite-size chapters and homespun illustrations from contemporary life make this book accessible, practical, and relevant.--Back cover.

9780842320016 (paperback)

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