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020 _a9780957987302 (paperback)
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090 _a226.5 MAN ABO 2001 CORINDA
100 1 _aMansfield, David,
245 1 0 _aAbout life : that's worth living and lasts forever : introducing Jesus from John's Gospel /
_cDavid Mansfield.
264 1 _aSydney :
_bEvangelism Ministries,
300 _a163 pages ;
_c20 cm
336 _atext
337 _abook
338 _abook
520 _aLife. We love it. We struggle with it. Sometimes it hurts. People. We love them. We hurt them. Sometimes they hurt us. Deeply. Hope. Is there any? Eternity. Can I be sure? Jesus. What does he offer? Can he deliver what he promises? "About Life" is easy to read and will help to answer these and other questions. Questions of the mind as well as the heart. David Mansfield takes us to John's Gospel where we meet Jesus and his offer of life in all its fullness. In a world of uncertainty, the one certainty is Jesus. He can be trusted.--Back cover.
630 0 0 _aBible.
650 0 _aChristian life.
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