Grace Bible Church Library Catalogue

Grace Bible Church Library Self checkout system

How to borrow

  1. Enter your "card number" (Mobile phone number)
  2. Enter the book or DVD's "Grace Bible Church Library" 4 digit barcode number (the barcode sticker might be on the front or back of the book or on one of the first or last pages), eg
    • CORINDA BORROWERS: Use the church library barcode scanner to scan the book or DVD's "Grace Bible Church Library" barcode sticker.
  3. Wait for the title of the book or DVD to appear on the screen before repeating for any additional books or DVDs.
  4. If the library has your current email address, you will receive an email confirming your loan and the due date. Please check for this email in your Spam.


  • If your mobile phone number "was not found in the database", please click HERE to join the library.
  • Logged in but self checkout not working? You may have overdues.
    If after logging in you see loans listed on this screen which have passed their due date, see if there is a "Renew item" option available in the fourth column. If there is, click on the green "Renew item" button, eg
    then try again to check out the items you wish to borrow.
    If you have finished with your overdue books or DVDs, please return them as soon as possible and ask a library volunteer to check them in for you.
  • Does the library have your current email address and mobile phone number?
    If unsure, please click HERE to update your details.
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