Grace Bible Church

Grace Bible Church Library Self checkout system

  • Please note, "card number" = Borrower Barcode number

How to self checkout

  1. If you are already a library member, find your borrower barcode number in the Borrower Barcodes booklet (an A4 printout near this computer);

  2. Use the barcode scanner attached to this computer to scan your Borrower Barcode number in the text box near the top of this screen;

  3. Do you have anything on loan that has passed its due date and is now overdue? If so, you will NOT be able to self checkout.
    • If you have not finished with your overdue books or DVDs, ask for help from a library volunteer who can renew the loan for you.
    • If you have finished with your overdue books or DVDs, you will need to return them and have them checked in before you can self checkout.

  4. If you have nothing on loan that has passed its due date
    • Use the barcode scanner to scan the book or DVD's "Grace Bible Church Library" barcode sticker (the barcode sticker might be on the front cover of the book, or near the "Date Due" slip, usually near the front of the book), eg
    • Wait for the title of the book or DVD to appear on the screen before repeating for any additional books or DVDs.

      GBC HOLLAND PARK BORROWERS, PLEASE NOTE: Borrow ONLY black & white covered DVD cases from the wooden box attached to the Mobile Library @ Holland Park. Colour cases go in the returns box. Do NOT borrow the colour cases. Ask the church librarian if you would like to borrow DVDs which are not on the Mobile Lbirary.

    • If the library has your current email address, you will receive an email confirming your loan and the due date
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