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Big truths for young hearts :

Ware, Bruce A., 1953-,

Big truths for young hearts : teaching and learning the greatness of God / Bruce A. Ware. - 234 pages ; 23 cm.

Introduction: On raising children to know and love God through raising them to know and love theology --

1. God's word and God's own life as God -- God has made himself known! -- God talks! : the Bible is God's true and lasting word -- God is God apart from us -- God is God with us -- Some truths about God's richness that make him God -- Some truths about God's kindness that make him God --

2. God as three in one -- There is only one God -- One God in three persons -- The Father is God -- The Son is God -- The Holy Spirit is God -- How the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relate --

3. Creator and ruler of all -- Who made the world? : God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) did! -- God rules the world He has made -- God provides all good things in the world -- God controls all bad things in the world -- Our responsibility in the world God controls -- Pain and suffering in the world God controls --

4. Our human nature and our sin -- Men and women, boys and girls, God's masterpiece -- What it means to be made in God's image -- Other features of being human -- How sin came into our world and what sin is -- How sin has spread to all people -- The punishment for our sin --

5. Who Jesus is -- A person who was alive long before He was born! -- The incarnation God and man together -- How Jesus emptied himself in becoming also a man -- Jesus lived in the power of the spirit -- Jesus resisted temptation living a sinless life -- What Christians of the early church came to believe about Christ --

6. The work that Jesus has done -- Jesus' death shows God's justice and his mercy toward our sin -- Jesus paid the full penalty for sin -- Jesus victory over Satan by his payment for sin -- Jesus resurrection : the proof that Christ's death for sin worked! -- Jesus is King over all! -- But is Jesus really the only Savior? --

7. The Holy Spirit -- The work of the Holy Spirit in Old Testament times -- Old Testament promises of future spirit transformation -- The Spirit on Jesus and on Jesus' followers -- The Holy Spirit gives new life in Christ -- The Holy Spirit unites believers together in Christ -- The Holy Spirit fills believers to live for Christ --

8. Our great salvation -- God's kindness and wisdom in choosing some to save -- "Sires, what must I do to be saved?" -- Declared right in God's eyes when we believe -- Made more like Christ through all of our lives -- Saved by good works? No - saved FOR good works? Yes. -- But must people know about and believe in Christ to be saved? --

9. The Church of Jesus Christ -- Jesus is the Lord of the church! -- A people of the new covenant -- Communities of Christians who worship and serve together -- Baptism : picturing Jesus' death and resurrection -- The Lord's Supper : remembering Jesus' death and resurrection -- Growing the church through making disciples --

10. What will take place in the end -- Knowing the future helps in the present -- What happens to grandma when she dies? -- The promise keeping God and the salvation of Israel -- Jesus will come again! -- The suffering of hell and the joys of heaven -- God's greatness and glory shown forever and ever!

Equips parents to guide their young children through all major doctrines in an understandable, chapter-a-day format. In this book Bruce Ware, a theology professor, encourages and enables parents of children 6-14 years of age to teach through the whole of systematic theology at a level their children can understand. Parents can teach their children the great truths of the faith and shape their world views early.

Children grades 2-6.

9781433506017 (paperback)

Jesus Christ.

Christian education of children.
Theology, Doctrinal.
God (Christianity)--Juvenile literature.
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